Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster

Race for the Sky
Location Cedar Point
Type Stratacoaster
Status Operating
Opening 2003
Manufacturer Intamin AG
Max Height 420 feet
Max Speed 120 mph
Inversions 0

Top Thrill Dragster is a roller coaster at Cedar Point.

Synopsis Edit

Launch Edit

Top Thrill Dragster rolls out of the station into the launch bay. Next to the bay, there are racing-style traffic lights, which go from red to green. When the green light shows, the train and riders go from 0-120 in 4 seconds and begin to ascend the tower. On approaching the "top hat", there is a 90-degree twist in the track.

Top Hat Edit

The train approaches the top hat at a reduced speed and often makes it over the top. On some runs, especially when there is bad weather, the train fails to make it to the top and does a rollback, where it returns backwards down the hill and brakes assist it into the station.

Decent Edit

The train makes its decent down the tower through a 270-degree spiral twist and builds up speeds over 100 mph. At the bottom of the hill, the train runs through a long series of brakes and then runs around a round turn to the station.

Design Edit

Top Thrill Dragster's track is painted red, with the structural supports painted yellow. At the beginning of the initial hill, the track alternates colour between red and white.

The ride cars are modelled on dragster cars, with faux engines and sounds before launch. They come in different colours.

Achievements Edit

The following is a list of all the achievements that Top Thrill Dragster has achieved.

Records Edit

Firsts Edit

  • First roller coaster higher than 400 feet.[1]
  • First roller coaster to reach speeds of 120 mph.[1]

Superseded Edit

  • Tallest roller coaster in the world. (2003-2005) - Superseded by Kingda Ka
  • Tallest full-circuit roller coaster in the world. (2003-2005) - Superseded by Kingda Ka
  • Fastest roller coaster in the world. (2003-2005) - Superseded by Kingda Ka
  • Highest drop of any roller coaster in the world. (2003-2005) - Superseded by Kingda Ka

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